Exclusive High Technology of the Oven Stone for the highest possible quality of ‘Stone Baked’ Breads with even distribution of heat-

The SMART System has made a wide range of pre-set menus possible as well as many new bespoke menu entries to be given to the machine, ideal specially-

.forchain stores

.Very user-friendly touch panel with different alarms and reporting utilities for ease and precision of use-

.Modular system for every level of the oven and hence possibility of different temperatures for different baked goods, each at its own best-

Professional isolation system of the body and hence the minimum loss of heat for economical operation-

Easy and efficient view of all the breads and pastries being baked, thanks to the mirror finish of the interior of the baking chamber-

Made Completely from Stainless Steel 304 18/10

Possible Accessories include

Proof Box for models SBCP-6 and DCO-6-

Hood for all models-

Legs or under-Counter for all models-

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