For professional Bakery who know that to a large extent, the taste and texture of their breads is decided before they go into the oven!

In today’s competitive marker, the success is for those who offer the best quality of baked goods and with GASSO Retarder-Proofers, with precise control of Time, Temperature and Humidity, makes easy achieving of the best of taste and texture of any dough possible!

A retarder proofer, Not only does at its best, the job of a perfect proofer, but it also makes possible the correct preservation of the dough with exact planing of production process, at low temperature for retarding and before starting of the proofing process, so that when the time is right the ideal proving can be accomplished and hence many quality advantages will become achievable.


  • For a quick start of the morning shift, There will be no need for the previously expensive night shift! The retarded dough will be just ready and enters automatically the proofing process as you would time-plan it and the perfectly proofed dough will be ready for backing just when you want it to.
  • Ideal performance fill all types of doughs and products, thanks to the precise and SMART control system of temperature, humidity and time with wide range of many different choices.
  • Steaming, Proofing and Cooling performance integrated in an SMART Retarder Proofer, with possibility of programing for each specialized function.
  • Consistent high quality of the resulted doughs due to the SAMRT PLC system, ideal for ease of operation in the chain stores.
  • No loss of time due to the active steam generator
  • Easily programmable for the all types of operations from preparing the proofed dough for freezing, thawing the frozen dough and many more, keeping the optimum quality of the doughs, their texture and taste.
  • Separate operation and programming for different compartment in Multi-Compartment models
  • Professional stainless steel body injected with Polyurethane inject with Ozone Friendly Gas
  • Easy to be connected to central control systems for programming and controlling the operations


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