Extreme Precision in Temperature Water, for the Best Result in the Quality of Baked Goods

The Temperature of the dough is an important factor in preparing breads and pastries, So important that it is precisely mentioned in recipes!

Because the quality and precision of the rest of the steps in process, from Proofing to Baking, will depend ion this temperature and if the dough temperature is Not right, the resulted baking will be distant from the ideal baked product.

In order to get the dough temperature right, the Best, Easiest and most critical factor, is the temperature of the water, going into the mixer!

  • 150 Liters of cold water from 1 to 20 Degrees Centigrade.
  • Both Manual and also SMART and programmable of temperature and volumes of water, specifically pre-programmed for your needs
  • Double control system for the highest prevision possible of the water temperature and with NO need to drain the water in the beginning of the process.
  • Very User-friendly and SMART touch panel control system
  • Different options for water outlets for both Industrial and artisan bakeries.

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